Investigating the realm between personal and social identities my performances address gender politics and the relationship between women and society.

Danger! Electrical Cords Can Be Hazardous, responds to and defines the relationship between body and objects and how they can become indistinguishable. The work combines the body with domestic objects traditionally connected to “woman’s work” such as a vacuum, blender, iron and other appliances. As women continue to advance outside of the home they are still expected to balance multiple roles and do all equally well for fear of being chastised. Women must be everything to everyone-wife, mother, lover and hold a career. Examining this excessive juggling act women are challenged to uphold or perhaps struggle with as they try to remain an individual or surrender to conformity. As society judges us, we begin to be replaced by objects or labels. A vent over the face conceals everything but the mouth with the connotations of voice/non-voice and as corporeal appendage. The body is object and subject as appliances consume the body by containing the breasts with electrical cables and the legs disappear altogether. Although these works are executed independently, a conceptual and narrative strand is inevitably formed between them.