A self-portrait of personal events is the dominant theme of my confessional art. Originating from my childhood, Author of My Current Condition is a retrospective of trauma, betrayal, truth in memory, and identity. An installation of past personal experiences is interpreted with evidence of conflicting memories to be read and decoded. Employing archetypal symbols charged with sexuality and narrative, the relationship and language between my objects and colors reconstruct the past. White books on the floor shaped as cairns, together with everyday objects and applied text, speak as cyphers for memories and emotions.

The conceptual framework of my installation is symbolic, depicting a conflation of time; everyday objects such as rope, beans, a tricycle, suitcase, jars, photographs and hues of red and white, indicate sin, judgment, pain, purity, and strong sensations. Mounds of white books connote lost purity juxtaposed with everyday objects that depict personal traumatic events. Resembling cairns, the books mark a path and express the passing of time. Books as a source of learning have the ability to transport the mind and act as a vessel of freedom but are withheld as most of the books are closed to deny this liberty. Illustrations of automatic writing throughout the books’ spines, covers, and pages convey my silenced voice. United with the books, the individual artifacts stand in as metaphors, for specific traumatic events and memories. For instance, jars on shelves are filled with items including hair, flour, and lollipops to suggest a suspension of time, recalling distressing events stored and viewed at a safe distance to evoke multiple readings.

“Author of My Current Condition” installation By Brenda LaBier | Time-Lapse Production by Jackie Shumaker Photography