About Brenda LaBier

Using self-portraits to record her transitioning identity, Brenda LaBier’s artworks attempt to comprehend and express the interconnectedness and transformation of her life. Through the use of photography, video and installation, she investigates its essence. How and why physical realities and illusions displayed, become representations of acquired genders and identities.

A visual artist for over 20 years, Brenda LaBier was born in New York and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Experienced with working with artists and fine arts organizations, she is currently the Director of Estate & Gift Planning for the Joellyn T. Duesberry Collection and Gallery Director at Michele Mosko Fine Art.

Upcoming Events

Honored that I’m invited to exhibit my work in the “Nude vs. Naked” exhibition at Art Gym Gallery co-curated by Lori Hellstrom and Elke McGuire.On View: October 10 – November 1, 2019

Lori Hellstrom and Elke McGuire’s curatorial remit for the exhibition:

“The exhibition Nude vs. Naked came about after thinking where we, as artists, draw the line between experiencing being nude versus naked and how we define those lines. Through discussion about these two words, we came to realize that we differed in our definition of each. As we visited the studios of the artists and selected the works, we asked them to think about what the terms Nude and Naked mean to them and decide WHY they created the piece(s) we selected.

“The exhibition spans a wide variety of works. Medium, gender of the artist, gender of the sitter, art historical references, etc., all play a part in the motivations from each artist exhibited. After these conversations and exploration of this theme, we have concluded that there truly is no right answer to what it means to be ‘nude vs. naked;’ that the drive behind these definitions is at the heart an emotional one attached to each individual’s experience.”

Nude vs. Naked will include works by Michael Dowling, Brenda LaBier, Wendi Schneider, Noah Sodano, and Ouida Touchon.

Nude vs Naked

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Walking the same three miles daily, over two years, I photographed the mundane, the overlooked.